In a world of explosive change and transformation, leaders at all levels—from heads of state and global corporations to entrepreneurs and gig economists—will offer the best opportunity for leveraging change and transforming our lives for the better. This #1 Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller invites readers to explore the intersection of transformational leadership, systemic thinking, and experiential learning—all required to survive and thrive the tsunami of changes and disruptions caused by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, and misinformation trends.

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  • Documentary style teaching
  • Case Studies and examples
  • Downloadable exercises
  • Closed captioning
  • Appeal for different learning styles


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"...encouraging leadership book LIFT looks for contemporary opportunities to make a difference."

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"LIFT by Faisal Hoque is a must-read."

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I am a student of life, entrepreneurship, and humanity. As a child, I lived through war and famine; as a college student, I worked as a janitor on the graveyard shift; as a serial entrepreneur since the early 90s, I have been traveling the cutting edge world of innovation, technology, and global business; as an author for two decades, I have been exploring the intersection of science and humanities; and as a traveler, I have been roaming around the globe with utter gratitude.

In my late teens, I left my father’s home in Dhaka, Bangladesh for U.S. to study. It was August of 1986 when I just finished my first (and rapid) summer semester at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I was a student of the College of Engineering studying Electrical Engineering. After paying my tuition fee for summer and fall, I had $700.00 to survive, get educated, and move forward with my life! Since then, I have traveled many miles and my journey continues.

I hold a strong belief that it is through knowledge sharing that we may provide the greatest clarity on how to improve our collective future. I am passionate about nature, people, culture, music, and design, and love to cook.

For more info, visit faisalhoque.com or LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.


Change and disruption has swelled into a tsunami carrying enormous consequences and impacts. The question is, will you be pulled under by these crashing waves of change? Or will you choose to adapt and learn to navigate the stormy seas so that the waves lift you up, and others along with you?

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