Serial entrepreneur and thought leader Faisal Hoque and journalist Lydia Dishman have examined the stories of a variety of leaders who faced ill health, professional setbacks, emotional loss, and a host of other life-changing events, in order to illustrate how each achieved personal transformation and success by mining their own resilience.

Resilience is the universal human capacity to face, overcome, and even be strengthened by experiences of adversity. The book is divided into three sections, each of which are key concepts in the development of one’s own ability to bend, and not break, in the face of a personal or professional setback.

  • The individual stories examine the essential tools needed to overcome obstacles and seize upon an opportunity.
  • They incorporate practical applications for reframing your reaction to setbacks.
  • They help guide you through a process that can redefine fear as a simple signal that something isn’t working.

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No one really knows what’s coming around the next corner, we’re all operating on uneven footing. Still, we still need to drive progress, and ensure sustainability. The messages and learnings in Survive to Thrive couldn’t be more relevant today. We hope you find nuggets of wisdom in it.

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Faisal Hoque HuffPost Live Interview

To survive and thrive, we need to find ways to deal with pressure and uncertainty. There are any number of scientific studies out there that show the deep connection between staying calm and productivity. Entrepreneur, author, founder of Shadoka, Faisal Hoque shares his insights on how to be resilient and productive in the face of daily stress.

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Faisal Hoque is the founder of SHADOKA, NextChapter, and other companies that focus on enabling sustainable and transformational changes. Throughout his career, he has developed over 20 commercial business and technology platforms and worked with public and private sector giants such as the US Department of Defense, GE, MasterCard, American Express, Northrop Grumman, CACI, PepsiCo, IBM, Home Depot, Gartner, and JPMorgan Chase. He is a 3 times winning Founder and CEO of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ awards.

He has authored a number of books on leadership, innovation, mindfulness, resilience, organizational transformation, and entrepreneurship, including the #1 Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller Lift – Fostering the Leader in You Amid Revolutionary Global Change, and Everything Connects – How to Transform and Lead in the Age of Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability. His work has appeared in Fast Company, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, Fox, CBS, Financial Times, Mergers & Acquisitions, Forbes, and Leadership Excellence, among others.

He holds a strong belief that it is through knowledge sharing that we may provide the greatest clarity on how to improve our collective future. As a globetrotter, he is passionate about nature, people, culture, music, and design, and he loves to cook.

For more info, visit faisalhoque.com or LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter (@faisal_hoque).


Lydia Dishman learned about the power of resilience from an early age. As an infant, she spent months in the foster care system in New York City before being adopted by a large, loving Italian family in the Bronx. She credits their stability and support as the foundation from which she was able to build a life of opportunity.

Lydia has enjoyed a long career as an independent journalist, contributing to both print and online publications for the past 20 years. She is a staff editor for Fast Company's Work Life section. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications including CBS Moneywatch, Entrepreneur Magazine, Popular Science, Forbes, The Guardian, Slate, and the New York Times’ T Magazine, among others.

Follow her @LydiaBreakfast.

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